Art by Matt Sasieni
Student Artwork by Matt Sasieni


Students studying Modeling & Texturing are guided through the process of 3D asset creation for films and games. To develop a strong understanding of form, texture, and detail, students are trained in the fundamentals of anatomy, sculpture, painting, and design. With a balance of foundational education and software-based technical training, Gnomon’s Modeling and Texturing curriculum offer students an in-depth skill set relevant to the demands of the industry.

Model Texure

Gnomon provides its students with a balance of technical know-how and the ability to develop their own unique artistic styles. This balance of skills is what creative teams look for when seeking new talent.

Zac Petroc


Studio Department Lead
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Course Grid

2-Year Curriculum

Note: This is a sample curriculum and is subject to change.

  • Term 1

    Introduction to 3D with Maya
    Photoshop for Digital Production
    Texturing and Shading 1
    Drawing Fundamentals 1
    Overview of Visual Effects and Games

  • Term 2

    Hard Surface Modeling 1
    Introduction to Compositing
    Texturing and Shading 2
    Animation and Visual Effects
    History and Principles of Animation
    Character Sculpture 1

  • Term 3

    Digital Sculpting
    Hard Surface Modeling 2
    Lighting and Rendering 1
    Animation and Visual Effects 2
    Character Sculpture 2
    Anatomy for Artists

  • Term 4

    Character Modeling and Sculpting
    Texturing and Shading 3
    Lighting and Rendering 2
    Art of Compositing
    Digital Photography
    Visual Structure

  • Term 5

    Creature Modeling and Sculpting
    Texturing and Shading 4
    Character Rigging Fundamentals
    Maya Modules
    Expressions and Scripting
    Advanced Compositing

  • Term 6

    Character Creation for Games
    Digital Sets
    Character Rigging for Production
    Environment Creation for Games
    Character Development
    Houdini 1

  • Term 7

    Demo Reel (6 Credits)
    Career Realities
    Look Development

    • Reel Lab 1
    • Reel Lab 2
    • Reel Lab 3
  • Term 8

    Demo Reel (6 Credits)
    Portfolio and Resumé Workshop
    Advanced Digital Sculpting

    • Reel Lab 4
    • Reel Lab 5
    • Reel Lab 6

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