2022 Fall Best of Term Winners Announced

2022 Fall Best of Term Winners Announced

We are excited to announce our Fall 2022 Best of Term winners!

The BOT competition highlights the incredible work our students create throughout Gnomon’s full-time programs and individual courses. Students are encouraged to submit work they created in our online and on-campus courses (and many share awesome group projects made in collaboration with fellow classmates). It should come as no surprise that the competition was, once again, fierce and we are blown away by the pieces our students created this term.

"The caliber of work that gets submitted each term is always impressive," Max Dayan, Director of Education said. "I’m extremely proud of all our winners for their creativity and drive.”

Congrats to our Grand Prize winner Kian Babayi, who won "Best of Term - Matte Painting" for his original concept piece! Kian is in his final term at Gnomon and created this stunning work in our Demo Reel course using a variety of software including Houdini, Maya, Substance 3D Painter, Nuke, and V-ray. 

“Kian’s project is really incredible,” Dayan shared. “To stand out among such a talented pool of pieces is no small feat. Congrats to him for a well-deserved grand prize win!”

This term, we showcased 24 category winners in a variety of disciplines including look development, creature-realism, gameplay, illustration - 3D, and much more. Kudos to our winners and thank you to everyone who submitted. Keep creating, and we'll be celebrating the next round of work in no time!  

The full list of winners is shown below, and you can see all our Fall '22 BOT winners' artwork here.

  • Grand Prize Winner

    Matte Painting - Kian Babayi

  • Animation Winners

    Animation Character – Berkeley Braun  
    Animation Games – Adam Velazquez  
    Animation (Group Project) – Alena Mealy, Ethan Clark, David Eisenstadt, Rain Rouhani

  • Character Winners

    Character Games – Brian Sumali  
    Character Hardsurface – Cullen Swenson  
    Character Realism – Bryan Soegondo 
    Character Stylized – Nicholas Tung 

  • Creature Winners

    Creature Design – Fame Premjaicheun
    Creature Realism – Kwabena Kyei 

  • Effects Winners

    Effects Fluids – Azat Auyelbekov  
    Effects Liquid – Bumsu Kim  
    Effects Live Action – Daniel Lee  
    Effects Pyro – Ahmed Mohamed

  • Environment Winners

    Environment Exterior – Rain Rouhani and Sasha Honcharova 
    Environment Games Exterior – Tanat (Nat) Boonyapanachoti  
    Environment Games Interior – Nicholas Madsen  
    Environment Interior – Arnav Yadav  
    Environment Stylized – Ethan Clark  

  • Games Winner

    Games Gameplay – Caleb Moore  

  • Illustration Winner

    Illustration 3D – Santiago Forero  

  • Lighting & Rendering Winner

    Lighting and Rendering – David Eisenstadt  

  • Look Dev Winner

    Look Development – Alena Mealy  

  • Texturing & Shading Winner

    Texturing and Shading – Jillian Ubando  

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