2023 Winter Best of Term Winners Announced

2023 Winter Best of Term Winners Announced

We are thrilled to unveil the winners of our Winter 2023 Best of Term (BOT) competition, showcasing the exceptional talent, drive, and creativity of our students at Gnomon.

This competition recognizes the outstanding work produced by students across our full-time programs and individual courses, both online and on-campus. After receiving hundreds of project submissions, 20 exceptional entries were chosen as category winners.

“When the students submit to Best of Term, I get incredibly excited to see what ridiculousness they will bring. This term, the students lived up to the hype and then some,” Max Dayan, Director of Education, said.

From creature rigging and animation to hardsurface modeling and demolition effects, our students created pieces that showcase their individual creativity while also demonstrating their adeptness in applying the skills they have acquired in class. We love seeing these projects come to life after hours and hours (and hours and hours) of hard work.

Congrats to our Grand Prize Winner, Josh Karlin, who won “Best of Term – Effects | Ocean Sim” for his original concept piece created in our Demo Reel course. Josh was responsible for all aspects except the boat model (boat model from Sketchfab/model textures by Liz Chua) and used a variety of software including Houdini, Maya, Nuke, Mantra, and Renderman.

“Josh’s ocean simulation is so well executed that it’s hard to believe it’s student work and not a shot from a feature film,” Dayan shared.

We invite you to explore the full list of winners below and immerse yourself in the captivating artwork produced by our winners on our Student Work page.

The selected winners embody the diverse artistic disciplines and represent the depth of talent within our student body. As an art college, we take immense pride in the work our students create, and it’s an honor to share their talent with the community. Our pride also extends to each student who contributed their remarkable projects. Each submission was a testament to the passion and dedication of our artists, and we hope you’ll continue to share your work each term!

Credit Info:

Effects | Ocean Sim
Responsible for all aspects except the boat model. Boat model from Sketchfab and boat model textures by Liz Chua. 

Bryan Soegondo
Character | Games
Concept Credit: Ciri (Witcher 3) by CD Projekt Red
Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red
Personally responsible for the Witcher x Cyberpunk mashup concept (OC)

Kevin Soltany
Character | Realism
Concept by Faraz Shanyar, Persian Princess from Shahnameh 

Abigail Cruz
Character | Stylized
Concept Credit: Penpen Gao

Joel Beaird
Character | Texturing
Concept Credits: Concept by Zeen Chin, Chinese Calligraphy  (Tattoos Alphas) by fellow student Yuko Wang

Alena Mealy
Creature | Grooming
Original concept and character

Sebastian Mora
Creature | Rigging
Concept credit: Johnny Hall.
Sebastian is responsible for Modeling, Rigging, texturing, Animation(keyframed), Hair grooming, Muscle Simulation, lighting, and compositing.

Caleb Moore
Development | Games
Original concept (All aspects, art, sound, gameplay, etc.)

Cameron Miller
Animation | Character
Responsible for animation.
Props/Environment/characters/rig not original.

Berkeley Braun
Animation | Creature
Responsible for all animation, texturing of the smaller monster, environment creation, and lighting. Rigs used: Blurgha Rig by Perry Leijten. Monster Rig by Mano Anim.

Rahul Gupta
Effects | Demolition
Original concept. Buildings from Sketchfab/Kitbash

Daniel Lee, Tristan Del Giudice, Gabe Kabamalan
Effects | Design
Concept credit: Adam Burn
Character by Tristan Del Giudice
Character Animation by Gabe Kabamalan
All other aspects by Daniel Lee (Modeling, Effects, Lighting/Rendering, Compositing)

Yuko Hwang
Environment | Games Exterior
Concept credit: Allison Perry

Joseph Lee
Environment | Games Interior
Original Concept

Kian Babayi
Environment | Exterior
Original concept, responsible for all aspects

Gus Kesaranon
Environment | Interior
Concept credits : Photograph: Cafe Pushkin, Moscow by travelaway

Mari Kirakosyan
Environment | Stylized
Concept credit: Tears of the Past by Felipe Castro. (The original concept has a character walking through the water. Mari replaced that with a hand statue. All of the assets and materials were made by Mari.)

Bavly Hanna
Hardsurface Modeling | Character
This piece is based on concept art by Feng Wei (Guilty Sigh). Bavly was responsible for all aspects (modeling, sculpting, texturing, grooming, compositing and look dev) 

Flynn Tierney
Hardsurface Modeling | Props
Concept Credits:
Gun Design - Su Wang 
Song: True Damage - GIANTS 
CG Aspects - Flynn Tierney

Quinzel Huang
Texturing & Shading
Credits: Original Concept 
Music: Riyandi Kusuma (Youtube)

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